Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Rosenberg’s Treatment Philosophy

Do you desire a dental team who knows you and cares about your overall well-being?

Dr. Rosenberg dedicates his practice to world-class esthetic dentistry and comprehensive patient care – all while sincerely caring about each patient, just like you. Experience treatment focused solely on you as a whole, healthy person and not just as another set of teeth. Enjoy custom planned treatment for your individual oral health needs that not only creates or maintains your health, but also enhances your smile’s appearance and your overall beauty.

Whether you need a complex, full mouth reconstruction or simpler regular maintenance to keep your healthy smile beaming, Dr. Rosenberg develops a full, individual treatment plan just for you. Experience the confidence that accompanies knowing a mastery-level expert in diagnosis and treatment planning developed your custom treatment strategy.

Imagine an architect beginning with your wish list, creating a concept painting, and finally developing the technical blueprints to build your family’s dream home. Dr. Rosenberg is the master architect of your smile. He starts you on your journey to your best smile possible by:

  • Building a one-on-one relationship with you to learn your smile dreams and desires.
  • Thoroughly researching, gathering, and studying diagnostic information specific to your condition.
  • Integrating your considerations and desires with your clinical condition to find the right treatment just for you.
  • Creating a goal with you and mapping out your planned treatment to reach your desired end result.

Are you intrigued but still wondering why you need a treatment plan?

It’s simple – you deserve the best from your dentist. This not only includes the finest clinical care, but also excellent patient care. Rest easy with your custom plan giving you advanced information about your oral health treatment and allowing you benefits such as:

  • Participating actively in choosing and understanding your oral health treatment and its desired results and options.
  • Knowing the time and investment involved in achieving your smile goals.
  • Appreciating an organized sequence to your treatment and an advance awareness of those steps.

Whether your treatment plan is simple or complex, Dr. Rosenberg’s team is specially trained in coordination and communication with dental specialists to make your experience seamless and your result gorgeous! Start your journey today toward your best smile possible!